Situated in the heart of Fredericksburg, this renovated three-story landmark encompasses all you might be looking for under one roof: a bistroa gourmet marketa wine club,  a home and giftware showrooma supper club, and an art gallery.

About The Owners

Chef Jordan Muraglia and Artist Richard Boprae met in 2006, their collaboration grew organically as they shared complimentary visions and a similar taste for adventure.

Together they lived in, and visited countless countries, their multi cultural experiences are the source for their inspirations and their eagerness to share their discoveries is the backdrop of their complicity.

As regular pilgrims to Fredericksburg, Jordan and Richard sensed the town was poised for a rebirth. In 2011, they discovered and fell in love with a historic location in downtown Fredericksburg, TX. The building was filled with classical lines and vintage atmosphere, the perfect canvas to exercise their sense of aesthetic. Respecting the architecture, they refurbished the property to create a showroom floor, an art gallery, and a gourmet destination. A vibrant attraction where they can both share their passions.

Richard’s career as a visual artist and sculptor is revealed in the gallery and showroom through the display of great arts, as well as through the creation of interiors. Meanwhile, the Bistro and Supper Club allow Jordan to express his passion for gastronomic experiences that are nourishing, elegant and gratifying.

Vaudeville opened for business in May, 2012.

“An invisible landscape conditions the visible one.” ― Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities

About The Space

The space is an extension of both men, a collaboration of equal parts gastronomic spectacle and artistic variety. Vaudeville is a diverse performance that bears witness to the joint passions of its creators.

Guests often remark that stepping into Vaudeville, one feels transported, as if to another time or place. Its historic downtown location is the hub of urban Fredericksburg.

The essence, the je ne sais quoi of Vaudeville, is this: just like the illusionists and entertainers of old, the cleverness of their magic lies in the culmination of discipline, craft and dedication – a great work behind the curtain, so the audience is only presented with the very best.

Chef Jordan and Artist Richard invite you to join them in the celebration of diversity and luxury at Vaudeville.

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