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The Grand Opening Event

By May 7, 2012Events

If you’ve ever been to Fredericksburg and strolled along Main Street, you know the Texas Hill Country style—western gift shops, bed and breakfasts, and German restaurants, watering holes and a bakery, each with that quaint, texas, old-world charm. Founded by Germain settlers in the 1800s, Fredericksburg has always been a uniquely flavored experience. But yesterday the landscape of the Texas Hill Country main strip was forever changed.

On Sunday, May 6th, 2012 Vaudeville opened its doors to the public.

As guests passed through the entrance into Vaudeville, they were unexpectedly transported to another world. The nearly 3,000 square foot, main floor showroom is open and bright, in immediate contrast to most any other shop in the area. “It’s so New York!” exclaimed one of Vaudeville’s first official guests on opening day.

Along with tourists came area locals, who had been anticipating the unveiling. Many locals had long since surrendered the historic strip to the overwhelming flow of tourists that pass through every weekend. Curiosity alone may have inspired their Main Street visit on Sunday, but now, after a good number of orders have been placed, we hope they are likely to become regulars.

Area Designers also couldn’t miss this opportunity to see what the new Fredricksburg destination location had to offer. Owner Richard Boprae got to chat with a local designer who explained, “It’s so fantastic to have a local source. I won’t have to go all of the way to Dallas anymore!”.

Both the main and second floor showrooms were open on Sunday, along with a walkthrough of the supper club and event space. The full layout will soon include a downstairs market and cafe. As guests learned of this, they were delighted and somewhat overwhelmed. One shopper asked how we planned to advertise our market and cafe to the public. Owner, Jordan Muraglia explained “we don’t plan to advertise, it’s a value-add for our guests”. Her response, “I feel like I’m at Neiman Marcus.”

Vaudeville will open again next weekend and then continue with their regular, yet unconventional, hours, thereafter. Vaudeville will be open on both Sundays and Mondays while many of the other shops are closed. As well, we will keep later hours then most. Vaudeville will be closed to the public on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for appointment-only visits, for anyone that’s interested in visiting with us privately, when we’ll have the chance to sit and share our collections with you.

We hope that you are able to visit the unique and inviting environment, that we’ve created, very soon.

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