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Margo Sawyer

Margo Sawyer: Synchronicity of Color

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Artist Statement

Throughout my career, I have devoted much time to the observations of the major historic and contemporary sites of sacred architecture. I am particularly interested in how the relationship between space and transcendence functions, imgres-1where architecture and ritual converge in creating unique spaces for contemplation.  It is this form of artistic inquiry that has led me to continue a twenty year quest to discover and experience architecture and ritual in all parts of the world, in an effort to come closer to an understanding of the inter-relationship of the metaphysical sensibilities of space, material, and time. I am investigating the equivocal nature of art, how the relationship between space and transcendence functions, where architecture and ritual converge in creating unique and memorable experiences capable of restoring the quality of contemplative within our lives. To that end I have transformed mundane structures into euphoric icons, married exquisite materials into domestic spaces and made large public spaces into an intimate refuge. Central to my practice is how color can transform our lives. Inspired by the shifting colors in a butterfly wing, the qualities of color in a flower petal, the physical nature of color fascinates me. For the past ten years I have been creating a body of artworks entitled; Index for Contemplation and Synchronicity of Color, the title of which references to, synchronicity a concept formed by the philosopher Carl Jung, “meaning full coincidence” Where the unexpected collide and form new meaning. Color is highly symbolic and has a physical, emotional effect on us. Like quilt, the quality of my works, unites colors, a form of honor and celebration of our multicultural world. Most recently I have been working a great deal in the public realm, and have been fortunate to be commissioned a number of large and dynamic works, such as Synchronicity of Color in Discovery Green in Houston, these works have become icons of the City of Houston. Synchronicity of Color was in the Cover of United Airlines Magazine and honored in Public Art in Review 2009, by the Public Art Network and America for the Arts. A recent private commission in Santa Fe entitled Synchronicity of Color Walls was recently awarded the first CoDA Award 2013, CoDA honors excellence in collaboration of art and architecture. – Margo Sawyer, March 2014 Artist Spotlight: Education & Awards 

Artwork Available For Sale

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