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2nd Annual Warehouse Sale

By New Arrivals

Three Days  of Amazing Deals

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
February 20th – 22nd

Save up to 70% on Showroom Floor Samples, Store Fixtures and Home & Holiday Decor!


Vaudeville Warehouse
202 East Creek, Suite A
Fredericksburg, Texas

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Rodolfo Choperena : The Fine Line

By Artists, Events

October 31st – 2015
Private Opening Thursday, October 30th 6:30 – 8:30pm

Remembering a specific moment in time with all the precise details is difficult. But we can always remember a sense of that time, the essence of a special moment – the feeling that the memory itself matters. The physical event will change, particular memories will fail, but the significance of a moment persists.

Choperena elevates the moment.  In his own words, he captures ephemeral events by initiating a “lateral pass” with an open shutter. The blurred effect mimics the ordinary mechanical apprehension of indiscriminate physical vision. His camera lens translates light into digital signals, capturing the tiniest clues of color, value, and texture – a single conclusion, one image, one movement and one moment.

All of Choperena’s primary symbolic frames – the swirling disc, the chromatic band, the field of color, open a window on the soul. For this body of work Choperena focuses on the “beautiful fine line between two worlds.” His interest in contrast and conflict….the ways in which objects and events struggle, blur and merge are his reoccurring theme. These interventions undeniably transform the physical fundamentals of time and space into a beautiful subjective force. The edge of difference, in his mind is a metaphorical horizon into the sublime.

Terry Thompson Anderson book signing

By Events, Gourmet

texasonthetableThe premier book signing for Terry Thompson Anderson’s masterpiece, “Texas on the Table”. It’s the new Texas Cooking Bible, an unpaired legacy!

Join us from 4pm to 6pm
Monday, October 13th
Vaudeville Showroom

Dine with the Artist that night, at V Supper Club for a special edition of Monday Night Supper
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Sydney Yeager : Persistent Memory

By Artists, Events

August 29 – October 26
Private Opening Thursday, August 28th 6:30 – 8:30pm

“This exhibition spans the years 2009 to the present, and represents my evolving  interest in  fragmentation and the dissolution of the whole into singular, independent parts.   The idea arose as I visited ancient ruins in Italy,Turkey, Mexico and the Southwestern U.S.  As well as these ancient sites, I find the demolition sites that I pass en route to my studio to be fascinating. Some of the paintings are loosely based on photographs of these sites.  In my mind, there is a connection between these construction sites and the ancient ruins I love to visit.  Both exist in a dreamlike space, neither here nor there, but in between.

In addition, my influences include Italian Baroque ceiling paintings, the preserved fragments of Roman fresco,Italian mosaics, pixilation, and process painting.

These diverse influences hold in common the themes of fragmentation and transition.  The question is whether these fragments are nostalgic reminders of the past, or the beginnings of a new form.  The answer is never clear, and is always interesting to me.”

— Sydney Yeager